Welcome to the world of Eclipse Carpenters. As a team of dedicated and professional carpenters, we are passionate about the possibilities of timber and how it can be best utilised in the construction industry. Over the years, we have built a solid and respectable reputation in our local area which highlights us as some of the friendliest tradesman around. And now, we’ve moved into the online world with our brand new ‘News’ page. Carpentry is a trade that constantly evolves and grows. It is also one that can be misunderstood by those outside of the industry. Here is where we hope to change this and give you the information you need.

Over the next few months, we will continue to update and refresh the information you see here. Some days, we may discuss the different joints available and which ones will best suit your property. In other posts, we’ll dive into some of our more complex projects and explain how the talented Eclipse team managed to find the ideal solution. And, as passionate carpenters, we’ll also aim to bring you industry knowledge in a clear and easy-to-understand format. Our business is constantly moving and evolving. This is why our News section is sure to become the hub of our website, full of interesting information and tips for all clients to support their building needs.

Check back regularly for our News updates right here. Equally, if you would like to discuss any of the information you find here, or are thinking about embarking on an exciting new carpentry project, contact us today. Our friendly, professional and experienced team are on hand at all times to offer advice or recommendations to fit your needs.