Timber Framed Construction

When it comes to designing family and luxury homes, our Timber Framed Construction is a popular option. Whether you’re looking to expand on storage space or improve the general layout of a room, our bespoke service allows you to do just this with the beauty of wood. The key benefits of timber are continuing to be noticed by those within the construction industry. And, In many new builds across the UK, they are becoming more widely used and popularised over the years.

The key benefit of timber-framed construction is its versatility. Our skilled carpenters can work to any specification, ensuring you receive a fully bespoke service. Wood can be cut, finished and installed to suit all needs; expanding both space and optimizing the internal layout of a home easily. When we consider that the majority of new homes in the UK these days have a timber frame, there is no doubt that this could be a practical choice for you and your family. Differing from masonry work, timber-framed construction offer improved insulation, without heat being lost through blockwork. They are widely recognised and appreciated as one of the most thermally efficient options when it comes to house construction. Not only does this make a home easier to heat during Winter but also has the potential to reduce energy costs significantly, saving you money over the years.

In addition, timber frames are manufactured in controlled environments. Once they reach your site, a frame can be erected within a matter of days. This entire process speeds up the job, allowing other tradesmen to get started on their own projects swiftly. For accuracy, our highly skilled carpenters ensure all right angles are true and all edges are perfectly straight. In turn, we help to speed up finishing projects such as wallpapering and tiling.

If you have any further questions about timber framed construction and how it could work for your project, get in touch with Eclipse Carpenters today.