A well-approached Refurbishment project has the potential to completely transform a building. Breathing new life into drab and tired looking properties, this type of construction requires a great deal of experience and skill. Eclipse Construction are experts in all types of refurbishments from residential homes to commercial shops and properties. We are backed by a team of highly skilled carpenters, builders and contractors who work together to deliver results of an exceptional standard. From the initial designs through to complex construction and installation, we provide a professional, dedicated and reliable service.

Over the years, Eclipse Construction has worked on a range of different refurbishment projects. Each of these requires good attention to detail, highlighting potential structural issues, rectifying underlying problems and following the client’s brief to the letter. Interior or exterior construction works both have the ability to completely change the look and feel of a building. In residential homes, this impacts every single member of the family, becoming part of their everyday world. For commercial projects, the visual appearance of a building can dictate the success of the company and thereby, how they are able to grow in the future. We understand the importance of clarity and a structured process with all refurbishment jobs.

With over 6 years of experience in our field, the Eclipse Team are dedicated to providing you with the best service every single time. From small scale home improvements through to refurbishments such as the ones you see here, we are here to support you at each step. Take a browse through some of our past refurbishment projects below including the Smugglers and Pirates Experience in Brixham to better understand what we offer. And, if you would like to discuss a specific project in more detail, get in contact with our friendly team here today.