Extensions and Loft Conversions

In a nation that continues to strive for more space, Extensions and Loft Conversions are popular and practical solutions. Here at Eclipse Carpenters, we have a wealth of experience in designing, creating and building the ideal additional space for every home. We understand that space is of a premium in modern-day life and families continue to grow. House prices and the economy stand as the biggest hurdle for many homeowners in achieving the extra space they so desperately need. Extensions and Loft Conversions are the ideal options, minimizing disruption to your family life while taking advantage of previously unused or unloved space.

Our team of expert and skilled carpenters work with you right from the start of a project. We will help you establish your needs, discussing the requirements of your space and the vision you’ve built in your mind. From here, our wealth of experience means we can design a range of practical solutions from timber-framed constructions to built-in storage options that work. Loft space is notoriously unusually shaped and can pose a design hurdle when it comes to traditional styling. However, we believe this shouldn’t hinder the needs of your family. With the right planning, design, and a team of highly skilled carpenters, we are passionate about delivering loft conversions that you’ll be proud to show off.

Eclipse Carpenters are an experienced team of hardworking and dedicated carpenters. We take pride in all our work, using traditional and modern methods to achieve the strongest builds. Every project is unique and so, therefore, so is our approach. However, the one thing that stays consistent is our friendly and helpful customer service – giving you peace of mind. If you’re considering an Extension or Loft Conversion in your home, why not get in touch with the team here today?