The team here at Eclipse Carpenters have such a wide and expansive range of skills, many of which we pride ourselves in tailoring for Conservation needs. Timber is our passion and something we have dedicated our professional lives to understanding and utilizing to its full benefit. When it comes to historic conservation, we are able to understand the many different issues that may arise and apply the right techniques to avoid them. Every single Carpenter, Site Manager and Contract Manager here has the ability to work stringently to your budget and ensure your conservation project runs smoothly at all times.

The field of timber conservation covers many different fields. These include both structural and condition surveys to assess the existing state of a building. Information procured here will help contractors form the right decisions on how best to proceed with historic restorations. We are also able to advise on timber procurement and preservation, extending the lifespan of some of the UK’s most beautiful buildings. By ensuring every member of the Eclipse Carpenters team has a strong working knowledge of the complexities around timber conservations and structural carpentry ensures we can provide accurate drawings and timing schedules. No matter the scale of your project, we will become integrated into your team and act as full support the entire way.

By focusing on many traditional methods of carpentry, we are able to preserve as much of the integrity of a building as possible. We understand how vital many of these projects are to respecting our history and will work passionately to support you in doing so. If you have any questions about our Conservation service or wish to discuss a specific project in more detail, get in touch today. Our hands-on and professional team are happy to offer the advice and recommendations needed to succeed.