Eclipse Carpenters is constantly growing and evolving. With a team of highly skilled and professional carpenters behind us, we pride ourselves in being the right people for every job. This results in a thriving business where industry developments, new projects and bespoke craftsmanship takes place on a daily basis. Our News section is where you can keep up to date with everything that has been happening around here. We are fortunate enough to have built up a strong and respectable reputation in our local area. Through this, our carpenters are able to work on numerous projects of all different scales and with varying levels of complexity at the same time.

In our News section, you will find all manner of information about our team and the projects we are currently working on. Discover what is happening in the world of carpentry and how we think recent technological advances could benefit construction sites and clients in the new future. Keep up to date with how large-scale projects are progressing and get an insider’s look into how we work on a daily basis. You’ll also find key information about timber conservation here – a field we are passionate about – alongside many tips and tricks learnt over the years. We hope to help you better understand the world of a carpenter and how we can adapt many of our skills to suit your needs.

Eclipse Carpenters offer a professional and dedicated service to every single client. We are trained in all manner of carpentry needs from small renovations through to expansive new build developments. Our News section is where you can discover all about our day-to-day running and much more. Browse through our latest posts here today or get in touch to discuss specific projects or contracts.